How To Use


Write and reusable baby bottle labels and super labels:


You can clean your labels by using soap and water scrubbing gently. These labels are safe in the dishwasher, however dishwashers will not remove the writing. Gently scrubbing the writing off using your finger or a sponge is recommended before placing in the dishwasher. If marker residue is present after many uses, using acetone nail polish remover and gently scrubbing the labels should remove any haze.


Safe in:

  Dishwasher safe
  Microwave safe
  Freezer Safe
  Made from food grade silicone


  Small Size - Fits Dr. Brown 4oz bottles
  Regular Size - Fits all other bottle sizes


Super Stretchy to Fit:


All Dr. Brown’s  except Plastic 4oz. bottle

All Dr. Brown’s
except Plastic 4oz. bottle

Phillips AVENT
4 oz. - 8 oz.
5 oz. - 8 oz.
5 oz. - 8oz.
5 oz. - 10 oz.
Sippy Cups and
Small Food Containers



Permanent Bottle Labels

Made with a textured writeable front area, use any permanent marker to add a variety of information. From your child’s name, teacher, allergy information or phone number. This information will not wash off in the dishwasher and will last a lifetime.

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